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The name 'RYN comes from the middle name of my beautiful and gracious late great grandma, Helen Katheryn Robertson. I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs and have helped in all of our family businesses, whether it is working on our 5,000 acre family cattle farm and ranch, Circle R Farms, located here in Oklahoma, to growing up in our tank manufacturing and construction business, AST Storage. I also helped my mom, aunt, and mimi at their clothing and gift store, and really enjoyed it. So I have chosen to skip college, open my own store, and dive head first into my dreams.

I have always loved my own sense of style, I am not one to follow the magazine trends, but feel that if I love what I'm wearing and it flows with my personality then I go with it. I would definitely describe my own style as a modern bohemian with a touch of southwestern hippie flair. My Papa always says that according to my style choices, I would have fit perfectly into the 70's. My personal outfits can go from riding my horse to a cozy rooftop dinner in the city with a simple change of shoes and adding some accessories. At 'RYN I have chosen clothes that I can picture myself in, and can confidently trust that you will feel confident in them as well.

One of the best things about Grove, OK is the diverse customer base, we have both lake lovers, authentic farmers + ranchers, and a variety of careers in between, and the good thing is, is that I love and live these lifestyles. Therefore, 'RYN Supply is able to provide a curated collection of clothes that can be worn to match your lifestyle and personality. I want the clothing and accessory brands that I offer in my store to become your favorites, not just for the trending week, but your go to time after time. I hope that you enjoy shopping with 'RYN Supply + Co., LLC. 

Thank you so much for shopping with me ~ Alexa

P.S. Don't forget to always choose to be the light!